The Beautiful Mind Project

Jamila جميله ‎ “beautiful”
The Beautiful Mind Project is a collection of EPs
defined by aspects of the mind of Jamila,
best known as The Real Jay Mills.

“This is more than music. This is the soundtrack of my Life. Its a musical journey that takes you through my childhood to my turbulent travel into becoming a mature adult. As a Gemini, I can freely admit that I am the sum of who I’ve been.”

Pick a chapter. Peruse my thoughts. Art imitates life. Life imitates art. Take a dive into the complex Mind of Jamila….. The Beautiful Mind.

Chapter 1: The Good Years: Music, Styles, Thoughts & People that have influenced and defined my love for hiphop


Chapter 2: Nina Ross: The years were 1997-? The Mind – Get Money. You Only Live Once. The Chronicles of a Good Girl gone Bad. “Nina Ross”


Chapter 3:  LoveStory: Falling in and out and up and down and in and out and all around, break ups to make ups, wishes & wont’s… My Love Stories.


Chapter 4: The Gift: The Art of Lyricism. The Gift of Rhyme. The Magic of Music…The BEST collaborations that have inspired me to create timeless hiphop.


Chapter 5: C’est La Vie: Living Life Fabulous. Jet Life. Glamourous. You Mad?


Chapter 6: Knowledge: Music is a Ministry….just what are we preaching to the World?


Chapter 7: New Moon: I’ve been playing the piano since age 4. I write/compose music. I’m a recording engineer. I love the magic behind the scenes. This makes up the fabric of my mind.


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