I Used to Love H.I.M.

Dear HipHop,

I Miss You. I miss when you were honest and true. When it wasn’t all about the money, when it was about saying what you meant because you meant it. I know things won’t ever really be how they used to be…but I really used to Love you.

❤ Jay Mills

I was his French Jamila cherry chocolate delight
Alone in his room he’d think of Me at night
Doobie hair tied, bamboo stick slide, black fist to the sky
Full of Pride
It was U – N – I – T – Y
You Are All I Need To Get By
I’ll be your bonnie my Clyde
Ain’t no other like the One by My Side
But inside I cried cuz You got SO Fly
You got So High pressure bust vesseles in your Eyes
The stress of the Sky got the best of your Vibe
You Left from your Tribe on a Quest for Demise
The Source of your death – the Pale Horse that you ride
And I remember Way Back When (when)
You Told me You Would never call me Bitch again
But right now you swtiching and guess I’m really missing when
Dissin on a sista was a suicide by pen
You and I again we can fight the world and win
We’re public enemies so forget about your friends
We in cool mode, these hot times we in
Lets focus on Finding Forever together until the End

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