Chronicles of Nina: Training

Ok so….part of the personna of Nina Ross is that she is VERY naughty. In addition to being a bad azz gangsta girl, she also has an extremely kinky side. As I delved into this character of Nina Ross, I started a collection of erotic stories. This is the first story in the “Chronicles of Nina” ….


ok….now on to the story….

I’m a natural born winner. I have to be the best in everything that I do. These thoughts drive me constantly to seek new ways to master the art of sex. Its funny how it all started with my desire to please my first serious boyfriend.
At 17, I looked like I was 22 at the least. 5’8″ mocha complexion, 36DD with a small 29″ waist and 45″ hips. I was stacked. Every man’s dream. And too much for my 23 year old boyfriend to handle.
Every time we were together I was all over him. The fact that he was so much older than me was so much of a turn on. I was infatuated with the fact that he was a grown man. I felt that his attraction to me was verification of the woman I knew myself to be. Pleasing him sexually was the definition of being his woman, and I tried to do that for him all the time. I was a virginal freak. We had tried to have sex several times, but he always came within seconds. He never even popped my cherry. I doubt he ever lasted more than one whole minute. He always blamed his fast orgasms on me. He said that all my teasing was getting him too excited, and that the way I moved was too fast. So I thought to myself, maybe I need to learn how to do it right.
The first thing I tried was masturbation. That was how I found out that he never really popped my cherry. My first trip to the adult store opened my eyes to aspects of sex and sexuality that I had never even thought of before. I bought a couple porno movies, and a 8 inch dildo. The dildo was amazing to me, even at 8 inches. My boyfriends dick was the only dick I had seen up until that point, and he was only about 6 and a half inches.
When I watched the porn and played with my toy it was a whole new experience. I had chosen a porn that showed women having noticeable orgasms in each scene. These women were sucking and fucking huge dicks, the size of the dildo I got and more. I never even knew sex like that existed. My boyfriend wasn’t even the tip of the iceberg. He was SERIOUSLY lacking in so many ways. I needed to see more. But I didn’t know how. I couldn’t just go around my school asking guys how big their dicks were. And besides, any guy in my social circle that I let have sex with me would be sure to let EVERYONE know we were a couple. In my high school, I was number one on every male students most wanted list, probably the teachers too.
I had a webpage on a social networking site that everyone in the DC area was on. I always got messages from guys trying to holla but I never looked into any of that. But now the thoughts of the numerous pages with dick pics, web cams and more started to put an idea in my head.
I created an alter ego page. No pics, just a naughty name and a naughty message. –I’m sweet, sexy, and ready to learn. I wanna work a nice, thick, big, juicy dick. Only holla back if you got plenty of pics. I got pics 2 xchange if you’re worth it. —
I put a sexy cleavage pic as the profile image, and started surfing for potential teachers.
The very next day, I logged on to see that I had over 50 new messages. All of them were men claiming to have what it takes to give me what I need. I scanned through, checking the profile pages to see if they had any dick pics on their page. Message after message I flipped through, none of them really showing me anything that made my pussy jump. Then, I read an interesting message that stood out a little different from the rest. From:CanUt8kme–Honest teacher ready to teach the art of handling a pro.– Hmmm. A pro. I clicked on his proflie pic and went to see his personal pics. Nice face and body, some pictures in army fatigues. Then at the bottom, a dick pic. A big dick pic. A HUGE dick pic. Not the pic, the dick in the pic. I started juicing just looking at that snake.
I sent a message back, –I’m not one for the back and forth games. I want to talk. Lets exchange vital statistics–
I went back to checking the rest of my messages, none sparking any curiosity. When I read the last new message and it took me back to my main inbox I saw that CanUt8keMe had replied. –I hope you don’t think I’m too forward. I’d love to call you, or you can call me. 301-345-3345, My name is Jay. —
Ooooh. I’ve always been spontaneous. I called him right then. After 2 rings he answered.
“Hi, um Jay” I remembered that in my haste to call him, I didn’t send him a message with my name in it. Now I’ve got to introduce myself by my internet handle. So cheesey. “Uh, Jay this is Ready2Learn, from…”
“Oh, Hey! I wasn’t expecting to hear from you so soon”
“Yeah, well what can I say. I don’t waste time when I know what I want.”
“Oh really, well what is it that you want?”
I took a deep breath. This was an internet stranger, the anonymity and sheer insanity of the situation was extremely liberating. And arousing.
“I want you to show me how to do it best.”
“Now” I can’t believe I just told him that. Now. It sounded good in my mind, before I could think I said it. He paused…I thought I scared him away. I’m not familiar with internet ettiquite, was I too aggressive? Does he think I’m crazy?
“Your place or mine?” Wow….just like that.
“Yours…I still live with my family. Where do you stay?”
We talked some more, exchanging address and more important information before getting off the phone. He told me that he lived about 20 minutes away from me, how convenient!
I jumped in the shower, picked my sexiest lingerie and tried to decide what to wear. I knew my clothes weren’t going to be on for long, but I also didn’t want to look too young. I settled on a spaghetti strapped red sun dress with some matching strappy sandals. Sexy without trying. Before I could start getting anxious Jay called and said he was 5 minutes from my house. I sprayed on a few more splashes of Escada, and called my best friend to tell her where I was going and what I was planning to do. She told me I was crazy of course, and then made me promise to call her in 2 hours to let her know things were ok.
When Jay came to the door I was not prepared for what I saw. He rang the bell and I opened the door to see the sexiest man I had ever seen in my life. His picture did not do him any kind of justice. He was at least 6’6″, maybe taller. He was the color of milk chocolate with amazing honey colored eyes. His smile was perfect, and all I could do was stare. He broke the silence to say, “Um….is that a good look or a bad look? You haven’t even said hello!”
Damn. I stepped out the house and into his arms. I whispered in his neck, “You look so sexy I couldn’t even speak.” He stepped back from the hug, spinning me around for him to look at me from all angles. Now it was his turn to silently admire my beauty.
“I can’t believe you think you need lessons. You don’t need to do anything for me!”
I blushed at his compliments, I heard that all the time. It just meant more coming from such a sexy grown ass man. I could not wait to give myself to him.
He opened the door of his Lexus coupe for me, watching me with passion filled eyes as I got into the car. The drive there was very interesting. I told him all about my boyfriend and how he never satisfied me. I told him about the porns, toys and reasoning behind the website he contacted me on. He told me about how he just doesn’t date too much, he is actually very shy. When he saw my page on, he sent a message out of curiosity. My quick reply was uncharacteristic of people on the site, as was my request to speak and meet in person.
Soon enough we were at his house. He stayed with his cousin in a very luxurious townhouse. The townhouse was so big, once I was inside I forgot it was even attatched to anything. It looked like a mansion, beautiful 2 story living room, gourmet kitchen. He gave me a nice tour of the house, from basement to bedroom. Everything was immaculate, but his bedroom was truly breath taking. It was huge, with 2 fire places and 2 levels. Once you entered through the double doors, the first level had a sitting room area and a huge 60″ flat screen TV. There was a his and her master bathroom with a jacuzzi the size of a small swimming pool and a walk-in shower with 2 shower heads and like 12 water jets on the walls. Then we climbed up a short spiral staircase to his sleeping area. He had a huge California king size bed piled high with thick soft down comforters and fluffy pillows.”So, do you like?” Jay asked with a smile.
“Oh my gosh, your house is so beautiful! Everything is so nice!” I was gushing inside, but I didn’t want to seem too chickenheadish or anything.
There was an heavy pause in the conversation. Both of us were thinking about what led us to meet, neither knew what to say.

“Before we start our lessons, did you want anything to drink or something?” Jay asked.
Nice move, so glad he did it. I was thirsty…for more than just an icy beverage. “Some water would be nice.” I replied.

He left the room to go downstairs and I decided once again to be spontaneous. I stripped down to my lingerie leaving my heels on. When I heard him coming up the steps I greeted him as soon as he opened the door with my Foxy Brown stance.

“Oh shit. I guess the bell rang already, huh?” He gave me my water, which I took from him and sipped slowly before turning around to head back to his bed. Before I could set my drink down, he took it from my hands and said “Kiss Me”

I was a little apprehensive. I really didn’t have much practice on french kissing. It looked complicated. I told him that I didn’t know how. He reminded me that he was here to be my teacher, its time for me to learn. Jay kissed me softly at first, slowly pressing his lips against mine. Teasing my lips open little by little, then he started slipping me his tongue. As if by instinct, my tongue began slipping out to meet his. Between his soft wet kisses our tongues met and twisted and met again. It was as if we were doing some kind of dance with our mouths, an erotic tango.

Jay broke our lip lock to look at me. He moved to kiss my neck and said, “I thought you said you didn’t know how to kiss”
“I don’t! Its like…my lips just knew what to do.”
He took my by the hand and laid me on the bed. Jay started kissing all over my body, licking and sucking every inch of me. I had never been loved like this. I was moaning the whole time, just repeating his name over and over. He was like, I haven’t even done anything to you yet. Relax and enjoy.

I tried to relax, but he was making me feel so good. His hands were all over me slipping off my lingerie and carressing my body. I couldn’t tell where his hands were, or where his mouth was. He was every where. He spread my legs and moved to kiss my love. I was very nervous. I never had my pussy eaten before, guys my age made it seem like it was such a nasty thing to do.

He could tell my hesitance, when he started licking my inner thigh I moved my legs together. He spread my legs further, and buried his nose in my pussy. “Mmmmmmmmm you smell so good. Your pussy is so pretty, its so wet. Damn you taste good.” Jay just kept complimenting my kitten, it was turning me on so much. I held my legs apart to give him complete access.

“Spread your lips for me.” Jay said, pausing only for a moment to let me obey his command. I stretched my legs apart, and spread my outer lips with my fingers. He looked at my clit, now sitting up at attention. “Your pussy is so pretty”. He licked and sucked me more, drinking me like he needed it. I couldn’t believe how this was feeling, it was so intense. I felt a sensation brewing that I had never felt before. It was as if everything within me started traveling to my center. I felt this energy growing inside me, so strong it was scaring me. I was trying to hold back from letting this go, until an orgasm erupted from me so hard I couldn’t even breathe. I felt dizzy, the world got dark and I felt like I was floating in the middle of the ocean.
“Oh, you’re a squirter?” Jay’s words brought me back to reality as I floated back to the present. He continued licking me, licking all around my pussy finishing with a smacking *muah* on my clit.
“Have you ever given head?” Jay got up from the bed and walked over to a glass cabinet which held hundreds of DVDs. He picked one, turned on the big screen and returned his attention to me.
“No…I mean, I did a little bit. But I really didn’t want to.”
“First things first. If you’re gonna suck a dick, you need to do it like you love it. Don’t fake. Get nasty with it.”
As he said this, the movie started. He fast forwarded thru the beginning scenes. I saw it was an old fashioned porn. I could tell by the hair styles and the clothes they had on it was at least from the 80s. Maybe more. He got to the scene he wanted and let the movie play.
I had heard of Janet Jacme, but I had never seen what she looked like, let alone one of her movies. This woman was fucked by 2 huge dicks, and she looked like she loved EVERY minute of it. She gave the most amazing head I’d ever seen. The killer scene was when she deep throated this guy, his dick HAD to be at least ten inches. She deep throated him, and then stuck her tongue out and licked his balls. Then she opened her mouth wider and took the balls in too! I mean, she had everything in her mouth…just gurgling and moaning. I couldn’t believe it. The man started fucking her mouth, I could see his dick moving down her throat. I had NEVER seen head like that.
When the scene was over, he said “Now you try”
Yeah right! Jay’s dick was just about the size of the men in the porn. Janet was a professional, I was a complete amatuer. Thats when Jay went and gave me this tube that said “Good Head” on it. I’m like, is this some kinda joke? I read the tube, it said that it was a Peppermint Flavored Throat Numbing cream. Hmmm….The directions said place a fingertip full on the back of your tongue. Hold it in the back of your throat before swallowing slowly.
Ok. So I tried it. My throat didn’t feel any different. He asked me if I was ready, and I guess I was as ready as I could get.
“Start by licking my dick. Lick all over my dick………and my balls….yeah…till I tell you to stop”
I started licking at the tip. Another difference from my wack ass boyfriend and Jay, Jay’s dick was so fresh and so clean. My boyfriend’s dick always smelled…weird. I licked all over the head, then started licking from base to tip. I started getting into it. I could see with each lick his dick would jump, I saw his stomach muscles tighten. He was liking it. I licked his balls, lifting them with my tongue like I saw Janet do. I started tongue kissing all over his shaft, from base to tip.
After a few times, it was like his dick was begging me to take him in my mouth. This yearning to have him in my throat. I had his dick all slippery wet…like it belonged in me. Before he could tell me what to do next, I took his head in my mouth and started the slow trip down.
I worked my way down his dick, and before I knew it I was at the base. I slid back up his dick again, twisting and turning my tongue only to go back down and deep throat him again. Everytime I went down his whole body would just tense. He was trying to keep control. I loved this feeling…this power.
I held his dick with one hand and began playing with his balls with the other.
“Jerk my dick and lick my balls…….now suck the tip….don’t stop moving your hand…..keep it sloppy…let that spit stay….”
Jay was coming back with techniques, and I was a willing student. I was actually skilled with hand jobs, that was really all I did to my boyfriend. I had a little technique where I rotate my hands and wrists and massage with my thumb while I’m jerking. That drove my boyfriend wild, and it was making Jay go crazy.
“Damn girl, you are about to make me cum!!”
This statement just turned me on even more. I started to cum, thinking about his dick in my mouth, his mouth on my pussy and how good he was gonna feel inside me. I had never cum from doing something to someone else. Giving his head just turned me on so much. I kept jerking his dick as I went for another Deep throat. I kept my hands working his dick until my mouth was all the way to the base. Then I lifted his balls up to my lips, opened my mouth a little bit wider and licked his balls. Before I could slide them in he swelled so thick for the first time I choked!
I pulled back, catching his nut just as my mouth reached the tip. I opened my mouth wide, catching it all on my tongue before swallowing every drop. He tasted kinda good….like pistachios.
“God DAMN!!! You sure you’ve never done this before???? I can’t believe how bomb that was! Damn gurl…you got some natural skills.”
This sex session was so intense. I had cum countless times from him eating my pussy and then came again from giving him head. All these orgasms and we hadn’t even fucked yet. I drank the rest of my water and went to the bathroom to freshen up. When I came back to the room, Jay was laying on his back with his dick standing straight up at attention….”You ready to ride?”
Of course I was ready to ride. I was ready to do whatever he wanted, he had me. I climbed onto the bed and straddled his hips. He aimed his dick at my pussy and I slowly slid down his dick. He got a little past the tip in when I felt a small resistance. He felt it too, he pulled out a little bit and gave me a strange look.
“You really haven’t done this before, have you?” Jay looked at me realizing that I truly was a virign. I thought the toy had popped my cherry but it didn’t pop it all the way.
“No, I haven’t. But I want to. I want you to.” I pushed down on his dick and felt the final PoP of my cherry. All I could do was just sit and absorb his size. I could feel every detail about him. I could feel the veins in his shaft and the swell of his mushroom head. I had my eyes closed and I didn’t even realize it. Watching splashes of color dance across my eyes and pulse to my heartbeat. His breath was blue waves across my face. My breath was red clouds surrounding me. I opened my eyes, still unable to move.
Jay was still, his jaw slack just staring. I started to move just barely. The thought of moving, my pussy squeezing in preparation just kept me there. We stared in each other’s eyes just feeling. Feeling his thickness. Feeling my wetness. Memorizing this moment.
He reached up and pulled me down to his chest, slowly. Every little movement just made my pussy so wet. I could feel myself dripping down his dick. In this intimate hug, he began to move ever so slowly…so gently. I floated into paradise, lost in his whispers of extacy. Waves of emotion and pleasure kept washing over me. My pussy kept squeezing and juicing, I was lost in a never ending orgasm.
I woke on his chest, not even realizing I was sleep. I moved slightly and felt him still hard inside me.
“You ready for more?”
My answer was a slow raise of my hips, with a fast drop back down his shaft. This caught Jay off guard, his eyes bulged from the feeling. I sat up on my knees and bounced on his dick like I saw in the movies.
“Oh…..Shit….Damn girl! I can’t….oh shit….damn. Bring your legs up….yeah, thats right…..squat on this dick”
Oh my damn. This position is SO intense! All of a sudden he was deeper. Now it was my turn to cry out. The athelete in me took over. It was like the orgasms and nap gave me SuperWoman energy. I bounced and bounced on his dick. I only took a break to rotate. I saw that on a porn…I went from facing forward, to turning sideways then full reverse.
With my back to him I dropped it like it was hot for REAL. Adding extra arch to my back, giving my ass the extra shake that makes it clap I mean I was GIVING it to him!
“Oh shit, hold up….hold up…..slow down…….damn girl u bout to make me cum! hold up…..I wanna hit it from the back”
Magic words. I had fantasies of getting it from behind…it seemed so good. I crawled forward off his dick onto my hands and knees. Jay got up off the bed, and pulled me to the edge. I felt my feet hanging off the edge, hoping I don’t lose my balance.
“Put your face down on the bed. And don’t run!”
I didn’t know what he meant at first, but it didn’t take long to find out. His first stroke triggered a squirting orgasm. Oh Shit…I had NEVER felt anything like that before. He held onto my hips and began to just power drive my pussy. Now I understood what ’pain is pleasure’ meant. Oh it hurt so good. I went from saying I can’t take it, to asking him to put it deeper.
He had me saying all kinds of nasty shit. I didn’t even care. He smaked my ass and I liked it. I loved it. I was so shocked by the sensation of doggystyle that at first all I could do was take it. But once that dick made its place in my pussy I started throwing it back. Jay held onto my hips and my shoulders….he held me by my breasts. He pulled me deep into his every stroke, kissing my back and my neck repeating over and over how good my pussy was. So tight, so wet, so warm.
I reached between my legs and felt my entrance, felt him banging his long thick dick inside me. I reached back to feel those soft tasty balls, letting them bounce against my fingertips. Then I licked my fingers and starting rubbing those bouncing balls. This was driving him really wild.
He grabbed my head back and pulled me into a deep french kiss before pulling out and cumming all over my ass cheeks. I slid down from kneeling to laying on my stomach. I could feel the cum dripping on my ass, but we were too weak to move or speak.
Jay got up and came back with a warm wash cloth. He began cleaning my ass off, kissing me as he wiped. He spread my legs, wiping my wetness from my thighs slipping my kitty a little tongue.
“So…did you learn anything today?” Jay asked with a smile, as I was still laying there not quite ready to move.
“I think I’m gonna need some more lessons. And definitely some private tutoring”

THE END of this Chapter…..
THE BEGINNING of a Seductress….
Nina Begins…

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