Why Do Good Girls Love Bad Guys?

This song is very dear to me, as it is quite the autobiography of my life. I have a thing for men that live that street life. Its something about the danger that I find addictive….something profoundly attractive about a killer that cares… This is my story. The last “bad guy” I loved….and left…

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1 finger in the air if you loved a lie
And if you got a chance to leave DUECES to the sky
Why do good girls
Love bad guys
Knowing bad guys tell damn good lies

When I reminisce I gotta think about Terrell he
Told me not to listen to the shyt that others tell me
Had me in his spell but still I played it off real well
He was in and out of cells I knew that we could only fail
Until I looked him in his eyes
I saw a new him rise like the dawn sky
and i try, I try and try
But I keep fallin in love with midnight
I be thinking if I keep my light bright
Maybe he could change sides make it to the twilight
seems like when I fight he tries to prove me right
But when I try to hold him tight he gets cold as ice
frost bite
Love is blind right
I was out my mind I cant have him in this life
Yeah I might be miss wife but never be the misses
Wishin 4 more kisses while I’m swallowing the disses


In December I can’t help but to remember
Private cozy dinners on water out in Venice
Back n forth to Cali keepin eyes upon business
Who the hell knew I’d be up at gunpoint as a witness
But even with the bullshyt Can’t put me with the snitches
Quick to go and pull shyt and leave em with the fishes
But what kinda life is this he said it’s not for me
He told me I was better than the girl I’m tryna be
I told him leaving you is like taking in my last breath
without you life is like right with no left
He told me no regrets and he had to step
I reflect love him even more than whoever next
Now I get to sit and blow good in the air
In his life paper was his one and only care
I could never have what was never ever there
The next time that I date I need a square

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