If I Caught You Quick On the Random What Would You Do?





Real quick on a random
Throwing thoughts on a tangent
What I need from you is understanding
No questions asked, I’m demanding
Strip quick my lips you kiss
No words loose lips sink ships
I know you’ve dreamed of this from the moment you realized I exist
So don’t front
You’d be mine like a heart beat quick
Like a matchtip flick
Matter fact like the throwback smack of my hips
Quarterback I throw it back like my name is Chris
In a Cowboy Rodeo
Do it fast then slow
Round and round we go
Until one of us say I can’t take no mo
You can bet that won’t be me
Unless I’m just talkin real nasty
%100 Upper Classy
My words cost I don’t repeat so don’t ask me
For a moment in the life of a star
You caught me
And now I’m trying to be where you are
You got me
But only for the blink of an eye
Act fast cuz you won’t get one more try
Just one chance
For one nasty dance
One glance
Got you stuck in a trance
So whats it gonna be?
You pause skeptically
She can’t be talking to me
By the time you make up your mind
Formulate your thoughts and throw your bait on a line
I’m forced to decline
Sorry but you’re wasting my time
You only get one chance to dance with this dime

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