To All The Brothers That I Had But Had To Let Me Go

This song is really a poem…a page from my life. For anyone that has ever been TOO perfect for their Love. To anyone that has ever been taken for granted. Dedicated to the person that sees their ex with a cheap imitation of themselves…This is what I wish I could call up my exes and say lol

“You’ve been tippin around the town…you and some fancy clown”

Performed over a CLASSIC Mad Villain beat, shoutouts 2 all the HipHop Heads ❤

to all the brothers that I had but had 2 let me go
whether they cheated in the secret or they let me know
kisses to the mister that missed the perfect misses
now he reminisces how I used to fill his wishes
teddy and i’m steady in stilettos washing dishes
got your dinner ready but you wildin with these bxtches
VIP H-O-E-S Now you say “you’re stressing me”
say you need some time to breathe and telling me you gotta leave
then I see you on the street with a cheap knockoff of me
you eye me cautiously
flawlessly i Boss you see
I spit for the sisters tired of the disses
Good girl gone bad cuz a brother missed it
Had the best he ever had but he had to ditch it
Cuz he’d rather have a piece of you if he could switch it
You know you can’t cop Gucci down in Chinatown
You got a cutie with a booty thats been passed around
You got a groupie but that floozie couldn’t hold you down
You never matched my crown so I’ll never frown
Catch you round town, top down…somehow….
You and that Fancy Clown…


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