Can You Describe Color To A Man That Has Never Seen?

I first composed a song on the piano based upon the words of this poem. Thoughts so deep only 88keys and a melody can truly express the way I feel. Later, I remixed an excerpt from this poem on this track, entitled “reveN”. I used the 3rd-8th lines as the hook, and the part in bold was recited backwards and then forwards to create the verses.

I wake up every morning with you on my mind and my lips find their way to your name
The very thought of divine and keeps my heart in the clouds like a plane
But I’m a game
To you I’m just playing
And my like you could never believe
And truthfully its a shame
Cuz I will never be saying
Or telling you just what you do to me
Its new to me, I never knew how perfectly my life could be
If you would let me be with you please
I wanna earn your heart with every cent of my soul
Keep each other company til we both gray and old
See this I know
You and I
We are meant to be
You’re sent to me
We’ve consecrated this union mentally
Our bodies can finally be
Joining together making forever
Finding eternity
I mean maternity
I mean a love thats deep
I see that you and me would be perfect reciprocity
You represent reality, my ground in life
You are the voice on my shoulder telling me to think twice
You are the spice I need, I’ll be the sugar in your life
I can plainly see me being your wife
The thought of your rejection would cut like a knife
J turns to juliet, no romeo no life
And i know you think you just another man in the line
You think that I’m just playing, you could never be mine
Even if you read this poem you’d just think I was lying
Or talking about some other cat and you just wasting your time
I’ll use your name, Steve
Just so now you believe
Even though I know these words you’ll never see
And unless I step up, my man you’ll never be
Its a shame this is as real as I’ll ever be
I want more than you in bed, you holding me close
I want to be the person you can say knows you the most
I could go on forever writing about you and me
Spit a million bars about what we could be
Its nothing new, some jews still doubt the Messiah
And black folks think sucess means the white man hired
You can never descibe Blue to a man that can’t see
And I will never say these words that you will never read.

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