Before I Ever Had My First Boyfriend I Had a Vivid Imagination

One of the first poems I ever shared….my oldest friends that know me from Suitland High School might remember this poem. I actually wrote this before I ever had sex…lol at the power of teenage imagination.


One coke please, I said to the cashier
You need a bag? I said nah, I’ll drink it here
See, since that first night with me and my boo
Coca Cola is the only thing that I’ll drink to
See Coke is just the way I like my fellaz, tall strong and dark
And one little taste, just goes straight to the heart
I take a seat at the booth, I close my eyes and I think
About the man that made me just LOVE this drink
As I open my soda its like I go back in time
Like when you un-cork a bottle of champagne or some wine
I start thinking back to that hot summer day
Two cokes in my hand, he started looking my way
I see him coming towards me, I said lets drink these alone
He told his friends goodbye, he’s takin a shower at home
I take another sip of my soda and I just reminisce
How when I walked thru the door, I was embraced by his kiss
See the taste of the soda is like his tongue in my mouth
First I taste it on my lips, then I feel it going south
Then my body was massaged with a gentle caress
Then his tongue leaves my mouth and heads down to my …..


What about the sodas??

He said Those, you forget
Then he led me to the couch, but it wasn’t to sit
He laid me on my back so I could look in his eyes
Then he gave me a smile and started kissing up my thighs
I felt myself getting wet from the path he was leading
I said, All this time its been YOU that I’ve been needing?
He said, you be the judge as he was licking up my honey
See, this is the life, forget the fame, Forget the money
Then he…stuck his tongue down deep in me
And I could feel my strength slowly weakening
I felt my body explode from the inside out
I grabbed on to his head, and then I started to shout
Then he kissed his way back up to where he began
He said, you know you my Boo I said HELL YEAH you my Man!
Then he slowly entered where his tongue just left
Felt so good, I had to be close to death
We were riding thru time like Bonnie & Clyde
My legs around him and him filling me inside
All DAY ALL NIGHT Through each imaginable position
A world un-parallel like a whole new dimension
I’m almost down to the bottom of my bottle of coke
I see the end of this dream like I’m looking thru some smoke
I wrap my legs around his back cuz I don’t wanna let go
I feel him moving in and out of me nice and real slow
We’re bout to reach the peak of Mt. Exstacy for the last time
We’re gonna make this one big like a robber and his last crime
As we came together it felt like we were flying thru the sky
Then he said ‘boo, i’m kinda thirsty’ I said, Yeah? So am I!!
So we both drank a Coke like some would smoke a cigarette
I have my soda no other way, this is as good as it gets!!
Now I’m off to the store looking in the fridge like its a menu
I gotta get me 2 more Coca Colas…cuz this story….

is to be continued….

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