Its Dangerous When You Start Off Feeling Like This About Someone

This is a poem I never finished about a love I can never let go of. I truly believe I loved this man in more than one lifetime in the past. When I look into his eyes, I catch a glimpse of a perfect eternity. I think it scares us both. Its easier to hold him in the perfection of my imagination…so I write.

Thoughts of you permeate my mind
you encapture my soul like your name is Divine
You are So Fine.
I could be blind
unaware of the passion of red, or the sadness of blue
or the deepness of black, or the richness of hue
still you
would still be
the epitome of masculine beauty
you shine from deep
your 3rd eye is never sleep
my consciousness you keep
like a pit on a leash
or like sand on the beach
cuz like juice in a peach
you are so sweet
and so real…
still you feel like a dream
just can’t be as good as you seem
washed in white, pure holy and clean
like a freshwater stream
that has never seen
the poison that humanity brings
you’re untainted.
too good to be true.
i’m stuck on you
like you’re doing voodoo
i’m drunk off your juice
right angle obtuse
179 degrees just 1 step from you
you got me writing constantly
i don’t even know if you wantin me
its haunting me
a taste of you i get to see
your words make my heart skip beats
you are the best song on my favorite CD
i mentally keep you on repeat
i watch you close like a DVD
then pretend like you wanna be with me
and I’m sprung
and I’m shy
and I don’t know why
never felt like this for no other guy
You have become the apple of my eye
you make me weak I can’t deny
still when I see u I always try
I try to act
I don’t react
even though your eyes send chills thru my back
I don’t even want you physically
I need you mentally
want you to be a best friend to me
learn my mind intamately
I wanna love u like my brother
Hold you like my man
spend some time together, maybe even hold your hand

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