Chronicles of Nina Ross: Insatiable





I am a nympho. I woke up one morning with this stark realization after I realized that my day had 2 start with an orgasm….and I needed orgasms throughout the day to keep myself sane. It seemed like my pussy was always wet…juicy….my clit was always throbbing…I always wanted to fuck. I started meeting guys in the randomest of situations and immediately hooking up to have sex. I’d see a sexy guy at the gas station and exchange numbers. I would call him almost right after I left the station to find out where he lived and what he was doing…if the answer was nothing, I was on my way to smash. Me and my homegirl would sometimes tag team…we’d go out together and see how many numbers we could get for a few hours. Then we’d compare and contrast and see who seemed like the best prospect, and hook up that evening. I was fucking random guys almost every day, and I Loved it. They never got my real name, I would never call them again…I got high from fucking strangers.

I couldn’t tell hardly any of my friends about my secret sex life. They wouldn’t understand. They would judge me. You know I’m Ashburn Virginia bougie…no way they’d accept my actions. But I had a few older female friends that I confessed my behaviors to. One of my older sisters was also my hairstylist, and as I filled her in on my latest escapade she told me about a friend of hers that had swinger parties once a month. She really wanted to go to one, but hadn’t yet because she couldn’t find anyone to go with. Of COURSE I was down. This sounded like something made for me…so we made plans to go to the next party.

I was so excited about going to this party that I didn’t have sex from that day forward. The party was coming up in a week, and I was dripping in anticipation. We went shopping at Lotus Loom for some kinky outfits to wear to the party, and I was SO ready to rock them. I bought a see thru lingerie outfit. The top was a halter top short dress that let the bottom of my cheeks show, paired with some crotchless underwear. My sis got a see thru crotchless fishnet catsuit.

Soon the day had arrived and we were ready to experience the world of swingers. The party was at the embassy suites in Old Town Alexandria. They rented 3 nice size suites with adjoining rooms. The first room was where all the food & liquor was. There were about 15 people there when we got there. Some were couples, some were single women. Very few single men.  We walked in wearing our street clothes, and took in our surroundings. All the women were wearing a ribbon to signify their intentions. Red ribbons meant they were someone’s wife. Blue ribbons meant they were Lesbian. White ribbon meant they were single straight women.  We were given 2 white ribbons to wear so there would be no misunderstandings. The host told us to fix a drink, get some food and wait a little while for the ice breakers. More people trickled in, and when there were about 30 people there the host stood up to lay out the rules and start the icebreaker.

We went around and gave our “name” and favorite sexual activity or position. My name was Nina, my sister was “Rain”…and we were growing more and more excited by the minute. Soon the introductions were over, and it was time to change out of our street clothes. I noticed that most of the people here seemed to already know each other, and we were obviously new.

We changed into our pleasure palace purchases and together we entered back into the general room to fix ourselves another stiff drink. The 2nd suite was for couples, and the 3rd suite was for ladies only. My sis and I went into the 3rd suite first. I had always been curious about women, and was eager to try a tasty lady out. While I was flirting and kissing, my sister stayed for a little while but when I began fingering one beautiful women while another got down on her knees to suck my clit Rain told me that she wanted to check out the other room because she is Strictly Dickly. I didn’t want to get so caught up that I left my sis all alone so backed away from the sexy girl on her knees, sucked my juices off her lips and promised her that I would definitely return for more….later.

I went to the second suite, and saw that my sis was getting roughly fucked by this sexy married man while his wife was sucking her toes. She was in ecstasy, and I was SO turned on by watching her. There were about 10 people standing around the room watching her fuck, and more watching from the doorway. One girl was fingering herself while watching, and soon a guy joined her in playing with her pussy and soon enough started fucking her while they both watched my sis on the bed getting her pussy just punished. Another girl got on the bed beside my homegirl on all fours and started sucking her titties while she spread her pussy lips and smacked her own ass…an obvious sign for someone to come and hit it. Sure enough, some guy pulled out his dick, pulled on a condom and starting ramming her from behind. My mouth was slightly parted and I was damn near drooling watching this intensely freaky live sex show taking place in front of my eyes. At this point, all the women in the room were fucking someone except for me…Suddenly I felt the eyes on me…my pussy just started dripping from the thought of fucking one of these strangers. The guy that was closest to me asked me if he could eat my pussy…and I said yes. He lifted me up onto the dresser, spread my legs and immediately started going to work. His head was amazing…I had never felt head so wonderful before. On one hand, I was juicing up cuz the head was great. What I hadn’t counted on was how much more turned on I was because of the people that were watching me. While he was serving me on the dresser, my sis finished with the big guy on the bed and left to go to the bathroom. He asked me if I wanted to move to the bed and I said yes. He scooped me off the dresser and carried me to the bed.

He resumed eating my pussy and now I shared the center of attention. The girl that was sucking my sister’s breasts was still on all fours getting fucked but she was fucking a different guy and there were guys lined up to have their turn. When I joined her on the bed, these guys started surrounding me and rubbing me all over my body. While my pussy is getting the best tongue lashing ever, one guy is sucking one titty…another man is sucking my other titty…someone was massaging my feet and I felt literally weightless. My mind was so busy trying to process who’s hand was where and what each mouth was doing to my body that I literally lost the sensation of gravity and felt like I was floating. When I came…it felt like I exploded into a million pieces of multi-colored light. The guy that was eating my pussy asked me if he could fuck me too. I looked in his eyes…knowing that I was about to take a step in my sexuality I had barely stumbled on only once before. Not knowing where things would go…but knowing that I wanted this experience. I told him yes, and he pulled out his dick and slid on a condom and proceeded to enter me slowly. With all those people around me he fucked me like he loved me…not a rough pounding like the guy that fucked my sister. Deep slow strokes deliberately searching my pussy until he found my gspot and stroked me til I came and came…then he came. When he got up, I started to get up too but another guy slid between my legs and started to eat my pussy. I tried to get him to stop, I said I just wanted to clean up…I was embarrassed to have just fucked this guy and now this man is licking me where his penis just was. He said I don’t have to worry about wiping off and cleaning up…his tongue would do the trick. So he licked and sucked my pussy for a little longer while he slid a condom on his dick. Before he slid into me, he asked me if I minded and I said no. This guy’s stroke was wilder, deeper, and made my pussy juice even more. I was seriously moaning and looking into the eyes of everyone looking at me as he fucked the shyt out of my pussy. I was looking at everyone in the room silently letting them know that I wanted all of them to fuck me. Every man and every woman…I wanted to experience them all. My spectators loved the eye contact. One guy walks over to me naked and stands with his dick in my face, and asked me if he could put it in my mouth. I reached for his dick and slid him in my mouth to silently answer his question, and the audience LOVED watching me suck dick. Everytime I deep throated him I’d get oohs and aahs. The nastier I got the more verbal my audience was with their appreciation.

When the guy that was fucking me finished, I was still in the midst of sucking dick and before I could close my legs another guy took his place. Like the one before him, he too started licking my pussy and sucking my clit before he entered me. This time I didn’t protest (well I couldn’t cuz my mouth was full lol) I just spread my legs and let him eat me out until my pussy was super wet with fresh juices. The guy whos dick I was sucking started pumping my mouth and I knew what was about to happen…he came as I pulled away from his dick and it landed on my face and neck. These girls that were watching along the wall suddenly came to me and started licking and sucking his cum off of me. We shared a 3 way kiss while I was getting fucked until another guy came and stood with his dick in my face and the silent question. The girls guided his dick into my mouth and started talking really dirty to me, telling me how to suck it. I was SO turned on. I was moaning and screaming and cumming without any inhibition. Everybody LOVED to see me cum. Some random guy started keeping count. People started to applaud for every nut I had. It just kept turning me on and on. I stopped protesting or even caring who was fucking me next. Each time a new guy came, he always sucked my pussy first making sure I was good and wet before he entered me. Always protected with a condom. Every guy that came from me sucking his dick had his nut licked off of me by beautiful women. And I just kept cumming…and so did they. I fucked almost every guy at the party…there was one that didn’t penetrate me, I only sucked his dick. He stands out in my memory because his dick was SO huge…I was waiting for him to fuck me, but he never did. When I sucked his huge dick, his wife came over to help and so did my 2 sperm sisters…he had 4 beautiful women sucking and licking all over his dick at the same time. But it was SO huge there was more than enough room for all of us…it really was too much dick for just me anyway lol.

After I came for what I heard was the 38th time I literally tapped out. Somehow my 2 freaky helpers understood that I really needed a break, and they helped to guide me to my feet and balance myself on wobbly legs. They led me to the bathroom, and together we showered and washed each other up ….came out extra squeaky clean 😉 I was done fucking for the night for real. I found my sister getting fucked on the couch across from the drinks…I had no idea how much time had passed, but I was glad to see that she was definitely enjoying herself as well.

My sister “Rain” came like Jada Fire. Come to think of it, she looks like Jada too…same dark chocolate skin, huge areolas Hershey kiss nipples a juicy ass and the pinkest prettiest pussy you ever saw. As I poured a drink, I saw that the guy that was fucking her kept triggering her squirting orgasm…a small group of folks were gathered around watching the water works. I kept circulating the party, and ended up back in the ladies only room. ‘Honeysuckle’, the girl that was eating my pussy the first time I came in was still there. I smiled and told her I got a little caught up…she laughed and said she understood. My 2 sperm sisters were also in the room, as was the wife of ‘King Kong’. Me and my 2 sperm sisters immediately began kissing and groping all over each other and jumped on the bed squirming all over each other. Honeysuckle quickly joined in on the fun, and so did King Kong’s wife. Before I knew it, all the girls in the room at that time somehow entangled themselves together. I only know it was a 9some because my sister counted how many bodies were intwined in the human twitster tango that she had to search to find me in. I remember we just kept shifting and rotating and combining…it was simply amazing. Its hard for me to verbally describe what that visual is like. 9 women naked just writhing all around and inside of each other.

Anyway, my sister came in because almost everyone had left the party except for King Kong who was waiting for his wife, King Kong’s brother, and a few husbands of the ladies in the 9some. I untangled myself and sadly left the orgy on the bed to get ready to leave. However, while I was getting dressed someone had gotten Rain’s attention and she was riding someone’s face. I sat down to roll up a jay, and King Kong came over to me. He said he had some high grade he wanted to match with me…he & his wife had been tryna smoke all night. He asked me to see if she wanted to break free of the sexy lady tangle to hit a few blunts. She was on the outskirts of the ménage so it wasa easy for her to pull away and hit some jays. We go into the ‘couples’ room which is now empty to smoke. Our convo is sexually tense. Part of me wants to make a move, but then my rational self wants to respect the fact that this sexy man I want to fuck is the husband of this woman I’m passing a blunt to.

Out of the blue, she says Baby…why don’t you go ahead and eat her pussy and give her some of your dick? He asks me if its okay…if I’m still up to cum some more…I told him I was good. I honestly didn’t know how much more my body could take. But his wife was like, No you HAVE to have him eat your pussy. I promise you it’s the best you’ve ever had. Now…I LOVE head…and I had just gotten a LOT of it in this one single night. From all the guys that fucked me, to the 9some with the lesbians…this is a very bold statement to make. Of course I’m curious. While she hits the blunt, he starts kissing me down my neck, sucking on my titties and licking my stomach on his way down. His tongue wrapped around my clit while he slipped two fingers inside my pussy that stroked my walls until he felt my gspot. It felt like he was literally milking my soul. It felt so beautiful that I started to cry. As the tears began to roll down my face, his wife got up and said See. I told you. Best you’ve ever had. Isn’t it? . . . Ok baby. Stop eating her pussy. Give her some of that dick now.

She asked me, Can We Trust You? Wifey told me that she and her husband really just came to the party for him to get his dick sucked  his wife to play with girls and choose one to take back home with them. I said, I’m clean…but Can I trust Him? She said, He Doesn’t Cum until I tell Him to. It seemed so crazy. Even as I write this, I’m so thankful that I am CLEAN cuz I have done some RECKLESS shyt in my life. But you know what that means….at the end of a night where I had sex with more men than I could count….rode faces I don’t remember…and came til I couldn’t walk….I still was juicing up at the thought of actually taking this monster cock. As he stroked his dick between my thighs letting his tip slide over my lips an onto my belly I saw that his stroke was going to be well past my belly button. I asked how big he was. His wife answered, 14 and a half. I looked down at his huge tip getting harder and warmer and knew that this experience was going to outdo everything I had done that night.

His wife came over to suck his dick and get it nice and wet so it could really slide into my pussy. She snuck my kitty a few licks before she aimed his head to my entrance. I felt so tight compared to this monster inside of me. For every inch he slid into me, my body had to adjust to the width of his monster snake. I don’t know what was worse, how long it was or how thick it was. Everytime I thought he was as deep as he could get, he would stroke my wall until he knocked out space and slid in even deeper. It got to the point where I was just continuously shaking, my body was going into a total spasm just adjusting to the size of the monster inside of me. Once he fully worked his way inside he told his wife he was balls deep. She said ‘Good Job Baby…now you can give me that nut’. He slowly removed himself from me and his wife spread her legs and prepared to take his dick. As I laid there recovering, King Kong fucked his wife and I silently congratulated her for mastering the art of taking a monster dick like his…and still having walls LoL!!

So it was finally time to go…my sister was done…I was done…and we experienced our first swingers party. We rode together silently in the car, both lost in our own thoughts. Memories that had become permanent fantasies…When she arrived at my house and I was about to exit the car, she looked at me and said….we gotta do this again.


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