This piece was the intro for Winter Sadness PoetRemixtape volume 4; one of my favorite projects ever made. However, this song is definitely one of my All Time FAVORITES. Produced by Dudley Perkins, featuring vocals by Renaaz Peoplez: This is a timeless classic that I know you’ll love. Press Play, Save & Share! PassTheJay

team single for the summer sorta over
startin over
fresh start, fiscal year controller
from Manitoba to Tortola thawing off the cold i
I see me shining on my grind but haters wanna hold up
just when you blow up the closest folks will turn they nose up
they told me when i was the shyt it makes the closest throw up
i had to grow up, took notes but yo its really wild
all i can do is stay professional and simply smile
i simply style on em and they wanna knock me out
so i knock the doubts
you paper thin i’ll read you out
you see the clout
i’m dark stout they light beer
i’m shots of everclear they after me like chest hair
i rest here no left here i’m right now
i’m kung pow and ya’ll looking like meow meow
you mein chow i’m submarine you mess now
and i ain’t even battling but i’m the best now
and i ant even tattling
no names named
no fame gained
no moves made in spite
i’m in the fast lane
just playing im jet plane no lane needed
game defeated good news u didn’t need it
but as i read it
as i read and write the words i’m saying
i kno my people lost and they will be forever playing
i wish that i could read and write the words to re-adjust the brain but
but even if i did i doubt the kids would ever play it
so i just pray it and be the light i wanna see
i try to be real so real is how i gotta be

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