Forget The Feminine I Murder Any Gentleman now Check out This Video

IMG_0608Peter Piper

“Ok this life creates an animal
no better yet, a mAnimal
your man will be a cannibal
and feed upon your hand until
you rip out his abdominal
you might think its wrong but still
skipping the subliminals
LEAN – smooth criminal…
I step up in the room
cameras and haters zoom
I make it do just what it do
and all you do is whisperin….
my competitioins livin in
their dreams of me mentionin them…
meanwhile my benjamins
are back and forth like pendulums
and south and north and Continent
and Continent And Continent…
I’m flaunting it.
You wanting it.
But ain’t in my conglomerate.
I’m on to get the sum of it get it take it and gone with it”

Check out the AWESOME visuals, directed by Rocky aka Rockzilla aka Raphael Ferguson – And then PASS THE JAY!!!

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