To The Realest Of The Humans On This Earth To Live


To the Realest of the Humans that this Earth can Give
The the Illest of the Fewest blessed with Breath to Live
I only spit this for the ones that truly can forgive
the Ones that Live just for the Negative
I am here Just to let my Light so Shine
And keep in mind that I’m shining in a world thats blind
Universal math aligns so my walk is divine
my 3rd eye open wide so I’m staying Alive
My only goal is survive so that my wealth can divide
Division brings so much addition that I multiply
I see the infinite in I – tap in the supply
We don’t die we all rise UP into the sky
Thats only paradise if you not afraid to fly
Life is a pair of dice and when u roll its ride or die
Don’t be afraid of heights cuz petty frights will keep u grounded
Too busy frownin you missing stars cuz u looking down and
You’d be astounded just how confounded folks get at freedom
The town is smart phone’d down, but people still ain’t readin
I see you tweeting and texting about your petty stressin
But you can’t rally for freedom to get a real arrest and
I see you tweeting and texting about your petty stress
but you can’t rally for freedom to get a real arrest
Dear Assata I’ll be your Daughter hand on my chest
Swear to the father Mumia I’m here and I’ll attest
Pushing the product & make’em hear me like Francis Cress
YES on my Nikki grind Giovani mind
and its lecture time
press rewind
discover what you can’t define
I’ll recover every mind that ever tries to take the time
Read between the lines
See me thru the rhyme
Free Your Mind
See that you’re divine and unique in kind
You can shine, You keep trying – I ain’t lying
but you denying…
so I remind you, You can Fly
Do and never try
Realize you’re from the sky
And let them know
Let them know

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