People Always Ask Me This So I’ve Finally Shared My Answer


Diary of a Young feMC
I don’t like the word, I don’t call My brothers HiMCs
But when I speak
Separation – They Define Me
The Divine Me
Call her She
Known as Femininity
Fighting moral enemies
No longer can pretend to be searching for equality
the truth and reality is there’s a Peculiarity in She
Call Her Me
I See that its really bigger than a chick named Nicki
And I dont like to name them but subliminals won’t get me
Its Sick see it don’t matter how sick I can Spit
See a face is pretty, ass and titties it don’t matter if i’m witty
I’m a gimmick – business meetings ALWAYS got Dick in it
And if I ain’t hopping on it then they Gone
Moving on
But I’m Strong
I SO WHAT a label, got My money long
And on My Songs I’ma stunt
Give them what they want
Tell Them what They Need
Piece by Piece
Leak me in these Streets
See me on these Beats
The Game is Hellen Keller…Can’t hear nor see
But I’ll tell You What is Better
I rep the double letter X nothing less
Thru the stress put Me to the best
You know who’s the Best
Many would confess chopped and screwed
sounding like a dude
a chick they would choose if they couldn’t view who was who
so i do what i do to these fools that refuse
who think that paying dues just consists of me planting my two lips
i put my all in to this
Call me Jay Confucius
Flows will make you Flu sick
I know when you view this
still won’t matter
cuz sex sells, money talks and pockets get fatter
Lauryn Left HipHop Looking for the latter
Latifa Knew Better so she left as an actor
Mixtape Nicki had to be a barbie rapper
Who’s After
No laughter
its a sad song…
Bad Girls Win cuz Men Love Doing Wrong
you might win some but u lost all along
Light Gone hun is dimmer than a midnight sun
But dark ones are the prodigal sons
Yes We Can Achieve An Upheaval
united as a people
together as an equal
rid these medieval Magistrates of Evil
i’m repping the Primeval Primordial Roberts Rules Of Order
For Isis’ Daughters & Royal Sons of Horus
There’s No Chorus For Us To Recite
Only Light
And our Might
And my Sight
When I write whats inside ofme
Words that are Fiery
Pages from my Diary….

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