This Is The Best Vocal Microphone In The Entire World

neumann_u87aiIf you’re an audiophile, then you already know what microphone I’m talking about. There are a LOT of good mics, but there is only one that earns the title as the Best. The Neumann U87 is legendary. Known for its ethereal frequency response, this condenser mic sets the standard and the bar for all other microphones of its time. Now, I am not attached to a product simply because its pricey. I don’t necessarily equate the best with the most expensive….but with this microphone the best does come with a pretty hefty price tag. You won’t find one for less than a thousand, it typically retails around $3,500. Just trust me when I tell you that this microphone is practically magical. 3 different polar patterns and a great -10db pad on the mic that allows it to take up to 127db wtihout any distortion. This is my personal favorite microphone because I have a very sibilant voice, and this microphone picks up my presence without over emphasizing my resonant frequencies.

2 responses to “This Is The Best Vocal Microphone In The Entire World

    • I’ve always been a Shure SM58 kind of girl, I’m simple. I tend to perform with a live band so it works well for me. I have tried the Behringer, and I think its probably awesome for a male voice. I have a high sibilance…so the extra mid-high response wasn’t needed for me.

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