Muhsinah Is Simply Someone You Need To Know

muhsinah-how-greatI have been inspired by this siStar since I first stepped out into the DC open mic scene on the poetry tip in 2005. She encouraged me to complete my studies at Omega and take acoustic control of my sound. I too am classically trained in piano, but Muhsinah‘s unique jazzy soulful sound is unbelievable to me every time. Her rich arrangements and poignant songs transcend the limitations of genre. Simply put – her music is amazing. She has toured the world and is grammy nominated for her musical contributions. She is at the top of my HipHop Dreams list. I have a dream…that one day we’ll be able to vibe & make a timeless track together. Until then…I’ma keep listening to my soulful siStar and You Should Too! Share #TheGift

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