Each Year I Make Sure To Join Santa Cause And You Should Too

ss_logo_webI was raised to tithe your time and talents, before I even understood the concept of money. To this day, I constantly seek out causes and kids to tithe my time and talents to. Your body is a temple. Your life is a ministry. That being said, the first organization I wanted to bring light to is Safe Shores Children’s Advocacy Center. My coStar and dear friend Mo Betta began fundraising for this charity a few years ago, and I was intrigued to do my own research. I attended a coffee for kids information session, and have been an unofficial ambassador for them ever since.

The work they do is life changing. I shudder to think about the many years children in the district had to endure these traumatizing events without a place like Safe Shores to provide therapeutic life changing assistance. When a child in DC has been sexually or violently traumatized, this is where they are taken. Instead of a cold heart less police station interrogation room, they are brought to Safe Shores where they begin their road to reconstruction. I encourage you to take a tour, have a coffee session, and most importantly DONATE to Safe Shores (comment SANTA CAUSE). They are an organization I believe in. #newmoon

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