The Curse of Beauty and Phyllis Hyman

317886_10100135725057780_1605477440_nI have to say terrible beauty because knowing that she took her life leaves every moment she lived even more preciously beautiful. You watch her videos and wonder at the sadness held in her eyes the whole time. She was so beautiful, and her songs were full of such longing and angst. I channeled Phyllis in my LoveStory Photoshoot, and try not to fall into the trap I think led to her demise. Its a depressing fact to be surrounded by many people and still go to bed alone. Money can’t buy happiness, and when your music is your therapy it means the entire world knows your soul. A moment of my LoveStory is the moment when it ends…and I’m a woman on her own…all alone…

I also stumbled across this cool fan made documentary about the life of Phyllis Hyman. It has a bunch of dope rare footage and clips.

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