Another Dope DC Graffiti Documentary

Alright, in case you missed my post on Cool Disco Dan here is another dope documentary about DC Graffiti. Now, I must warn you that the clip in this blog is only 9 mins. Here is the link to the full hour long video via vimeo. Check it out, and enjoy #thegoodyears

The first 9 minutes of a documentary chronicling one of the most prominent crews to emerge from Washington DC’s graffiti-boom of the 1990’s, the film follows an oddly mixed group of three friends; Sime, Demon and Mega, as they gained notoriety throughout the city in the late 90’s for doing enormous, elaborate, three dimensional murals. As Con, a noteworthy writer from Baltimore says: “It wasn’t just another piece on a wall…the Dot-Com pieces stood off the wall, they created a whole environment.” Eventually the crew would spread out to other cities, and the three founding members grew older and father apart. Demon moved to Japan for many years as a world-class industrial designer, Mega would spend the next many years in courtrooms and rehabs and Sime continues to live, paint and bomb in Washington, D.C. Now all in their 30’s, their interviews and reflections on their youth make very clear that, when all was said and done, graffiti was about more than painting, it was a coming of age and a crossing of worlds. “D.C. was separated by that one fucking park, Rock Creek Park, black, white.” Says Demon, “D.C. being so segregated, that really meant something, because, to put it in a term, Dot-Com crossed the park.”
“Chocolate City Burning” is the first documentary by photojournalist Apoxy One.
54 Minutes.
Features interviews with: Sime, Demon 202, Mega, Ultra(.com), Ultra(kgb), Con(ba), Rei 21, Eon2, Kier, Sauce, DJ Oso Fresh, Envy 137


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