Your Favorite Bilal Song As You’ve Never Heard it Before

In my never ending quest to share the fabric of my mind with my coStars, “Sometimes” by Bilal is early on my list of must-shares. This is a narrative of my LoveStory, and one of my favorite songs by him. This live version though…..absolutely AMAZING. I feel like I am watching it being born. Its like I’ve never heard the song before. This is how it was supposed to be displayed. I’ve loved the CD version of Sometimes, but now….this Live Version is just bananas. Ima stop talking about it and just put it right here right now.

Ok, now I said this was one of my favorite songs. I would remiss if I didn’t include my other favorite Bilal song: Little One. The very first time I heard it, it made me want to cry and I didn’t know why. There was a pure and beautiful love that transcended through his voice and touched my soul. I later found out that this song (and video) is dedicated to his very own son, who has been diagnosed with Autism.

I don’t want to diminish my love for Bilal by simply choosing 3 songs out of the volumes he has created, so I encourage you to check out all of his projects. Get to know him a little better by watching this cool interview and Enjoy the #lovestory

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