Erykah Badu Performs With String Symphony

a_portrait_of_recording_artist_erykah_badu-462x600_largeMan oh man, you can thank me later for this gift….My ears are in HEAVEN! And they’re sad too. Because they want more. I want to see Erykah Badu in concert at the Kennedy Center. A full opera….and a full symphony. This 5 piece string quintet that is backing her has blown my mind like BOOM. Look. Here is the link before I digress…

(HD vimeo link here)

Sadly, finding the full version of this magical musical medely has been quite difficult. I did find this link of fan footage, but it seems that there is no exclusive audio release of this acoustic rendition. Its amazing to watch her react to the DOPEness of her symphonic background, I’m still in awe at how cinematic and vivid this live interpretation of her music has been.

This comes to you as the second installment of “MADE” an experiment where 3 different artists from 3 different backgrounds are encouraged to create and inspire one another in concert presentation. They paired Miki’s string quintet with visual artist Jaybo and Erykah Badu – if you enjoyed this, make sure you share #thegift

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