They Came Into A White Man’s Town…Bringing Black Man’s Law

BossNiggerPosterSo much of my formative mind was shaped by blaxpoitation films. Subconsciously though, lol my parents weren’t showing these to me in my preschool years. I do remember my father playing the soundtracks on his record player from time to time. This movie right here, is one of my absolute favorites. I love it because of the premise. Blaxpoitation films always told the story we wished we could tell in real life. These films held our hopes, our dreams, and our wishes for past present and future. It breaks my heart sometimes to see where black film is currently. You would think that with all the technology we would be seeing black cinema transcend to even higher heights than it reached. Word to Mr. Tibbs. Instead….we have Tyler Perry.


Well, this trailer is everything Tyler Perry is not. This is beyond Django. Before we were afraid of all that makes us who we were, we CELEBRATED being Black. Now, get to know BOSS. BOSS NIGGER.

ok. usually I don’t do this, but Ima go head and give you think link to the whole film right here. BOOM

Enjoy #thegoodyears

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