My Favorite Song from one of my Favorite Soundtracks

c33e4368870b8ed4a27b8c90f6bc2302Remember when the soundtrack of a movie was just as good as the film itself? This is a page of my Lovestory that can easily also be filed in The Good Years because I was a youngin when it came out. Shoutouts to Love Jones, a beautiful black film…..remember when even though a movie had black actors and a black director it still had substance without stereotypes? Remember when we could tell a beautiful stories without a musical? Remember?

Back to why this is my lovestory though…..sadly, my love stories all end pretty tragic. But hey, I’m not mad about it. But when I’m caught up in love…I’m hopeless… welp. at least I write dope music. check it out. #passthejay

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