Your Vegas Trip Is Incomplete Without This Experience

Nina5Hi. I’m Nina Ross and I Approve This Message.
If you are going to Vegas this needs to be in your to-do list. It simply MUST. IDC IDC IDC When in Vegas… well you know how the saying goes lol. A friend of mine put me onto this, and I’m hooked. You just gotta DO it. You need to know what that M16 feels like when it busts….mmmm sorry Nina likes when the big guns go BOOM. #badgirl. Anyway, this is the highest rated most referred gun range. However, I encourage you to shop around and do your own research. You may find a place that has the experience you are looking for.

I’m sending you to Machine Gun Vegas – *hopefully they’ll appreciate the love when I come back* If you go, tell them Mills sent you! Check out their artillery…what do you wanna bang?

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